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  • Adair Outreach and Extension Center (Missouri, US).A link to the research-based resources of the University of Missouri and Lincoln University. Regional staff members and the county extension council, made up of elected and appointed citizens, work together to meet educational needs.
  • AgNews--The Texas A&M University Agriculture Program (US).The Texas A&M Agriculture Program is dedicated to serving Texans through the Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and five state agencies: Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
  • Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Kentucky (US).A Welcome to the Agricultural Biotechnology Undergraduate Degree Program in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky.
  • Agricultural Colleges Links (US).The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne lists links to Agricultural Colleges and Universities with a web presence.
  • Agricultural Law at Univ. of Arkansas School of Law (US).This site details the admissions process and some course descriptions for the only Agricultural Law program in the U.S. to offer an LL.M. in the field.
  • Agricultural University of Athens (Greece).Iera odos 75,Athens,Greece
  • AgriNet (US).Agrinet is a service of Texas A&M designed to be a starting point for agricultural resources on the Internet.
  • Agroecosystems Research Group (US).The Agroecosystem Research Group is part of the Center for Biologically-Intensive IPM. AESRG provides a focus for integrating systems research for scientists from across most of Texas.
  • Alabama A&M University - School of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (US).Alabama A&M University is challenging stereotypical conceptions of agricultural and environmental sciences as it prepares students to excel in a changing world.
  • Arizona State University East - Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management (US).SABR provides academic programs and research directed toward agribusiness and resource management aspects of agriculture. The global nature of agribusiness and the food system is emphasized by the faculty.
  • Arizona, University of - College of Agriculture (US).University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 85721-0036.
  • Auburn University - College of Agriculture (US).This site provides an overview of programs, courses, services and research offered at Auburn University.
  • Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (Alabama, US).Auburn has been involved in veterinary medicine since 1892. 100-plus faculty members are known internationally for teaching, research and outreach .
  • Cal Poly State University - College of Agriculture (US).College of Agriculture, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 Telephone: 805-756-2161 Fax: 805-756-6577
  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, College of Agriculture (US).Focusing on the production, processing, marketing, distribution, and packaging of food and fiber products through new product development, resources allocation, business management and technical analysis.
  • California State University - Agricultural Sciences and Technology (US).College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology 2415 E San Ramon, Fresno CA 93740-0101 Phone 209-278-2061 Fax 209-278-4496
  • California State University-Chico, College of Agriculture (US).Mission is to create, share and disseminate knowledge of integrated agricultural and environmental systems to students, industry and society.
  • California-Kearney Agricultural Center, University of California (US).The University of California's largest off-campus agricultural research facility. Mission is to provide state-of-the-science research and educational programs to promote sustainability of California's agricultural industry.
  • Center for Farm Financial Management, University of Minnesota (US).The Center is a part of the University of Minnesota Extension Service. Its main purpose is to design and support farm management software.
  • Colorado State University - College of Agricultural Sciences (US).Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523 USA 970-491-1101.
  • Cook College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and New Jersey Agriculture (US).A professional college of agricultural, environmental, and life sciences at Rutgers.
  • Cornell University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (US).Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Ithaca, New York 14853.
  • Ege University (Turkey).Includes the Agricultural Applications and Research Center and the Department of Food Engineering. Other fields include Agricultural Economics and Machinery, Farm Structures and Irrigation, Leather Technology and other.
  • Entomology Index of Internet Resources (Iowa State University).Entomology Index of Internet Resources. A directory and search engine of insect related resources (Iowa State University).
  • Farm Business Management program at Alexandria Technical College (Minnesota, US).This program enrolls farm business operators and is designed to increase a farm business operator's knowledge and understanding of agricultural business principles for sound farm business management decision making.
  • Farm Economics: Current Issues (US).Infornation covers current Ag info, farmland leasing, interview, virtual meeting, marketing, Iowa beef center and weekly radio shows.
  • Florida, Unv. of - Inst. of Food and Agricultural Sciences (US).University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Gainesville, FL 32611 Phone: 352-392-3261.
  • Iowa State University Master of Science in Agronomy (Iowa, US). Distance Learning Program is designed to produce graduates with advanced knowledge of agronomic systems and superior problem-solving skills. You can earn from your home or office by using your computer and the internet.
  • Iowa State University, College of Agriculture (US).Goal is to become a premier College of Agriculture with teaching, research, and outreach programs.
  • Kentucky Pesticide Applicator Training (US).The Kentucky Pesticide Applicator Training page has been established to provide resources and information for both private and commercial certified pesticide applicators in the Commonwealth.
  • Lakeland College (US).Interprovincial Agriculture College located in Vermilion, AB Programs: Animal Health Tech., Crop Tech., Herd Health Tech., Livestock Pro., Diversified Livestock.
  • Laval University-Department of Agriculture (Canada).The focus of the department is on maintaining an equilibrium of the bionutritional system in Quebec, by the training of professionals and researchers in the francophone world.
  • McGill University, Macdonald Campus (Quebec, Canada).Programs and research in applied science and environment, agriculture and horticulture, agricultural and biosystems engineering, food science and nutrition, biotechnology, parasitology.
  • Michigan State University (US).Departments include agriscience, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, resource development. Has links to the Institute of International Agriculture.
  • Middle East Technical University-Food Engineering Department (Turkey).Site includes information on the Mediterranean Food Research Center and food related links.
  • Mississippi State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (US).College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Human Ecology.
  • National University of Lesotho (Lesotho).Includes an Agriculture Department and Institute of Southern Africa Studies.
  • NC A&T State University - School of Agriculture (US).From management sciences to diet and nutrition, the School of Agriculture provides opportunities for rewarding careers in teaching, extension, agricultural-related business, fashion, research, and government.
  • Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Canada).Departments include Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Environmental Sciences, Plant Science, Economics and Business Management, and Mathematics, Physics.
  • Ohio State University Extension (US).Has several departments including: Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Animal Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Horticulture and Crop Science, and other.
  • Oklahome State (US).Degrees in agribusiness, agricultural communications, agricultural economics, agricultural education, agronomy, animal science, biochemistry and molecular biology, entomology, environmental science, forestry, and other.
  • Oregon State University (US).The College performs four services: instruction, research, extension, and international agriculture, which are closely tied to the human and natural resources of the state of Oregon and which support the economic development of the state and of the Pacifi
  • Penn State University (US).Departments: Ag. and Bio Engineering, Agronomy, Ag & Extension Education, Ag Economics & Rural Soc, Dairy & Animal Science, Entomology, Food Science, Forests Resources, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Poultry Science and Veterinary Science.
  • Small Business Management Education (US).The program is concerned with the development of an entrepreneurs knowledge of economic principles and with the decision-making process. Site includes agricultural links.
  • South Plains College (US).The South Plains College Science Department provides courses of study in Agriculture, Chemistry, Geology and Human Sciences. Advisement is provided for majors in Agriculture, Chemistry, Geology and Human Sciences.
  • Study Agriculture and Agri-science in Canada (Canada).University and College Agricultural Training Programs at the technician and degree levels. These are categorized according to specialized areas of study. Linked to homepages of each university and college.
  • Texas Tech University (US).Texas Tech is located on the Texas High Plains, an intensive agricultural production area. West Texas is home to the worlds largest cattle feedlot industry and excels in the production of wheat, corn, sorghum, cotton and vegetables.
  • United Arab Emirates University-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (United Arab Emirates).Offers three degee programs: a BS in Arid land Agriculture-Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, and Food Technology and Nutrition .
  • United Arab Emirates University-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (United Arab Emirates).College offers three degree programs: a BS in Arid land Agriculture-plant sciences, animal sciences, and food technology and nutrition.
  • University of Alberta, Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics (Canada).Programs within the Faculty focus on three major resources: the natural resource including soil and water; the biological resource, including animals, crops and forests; and the human resource.
  • University of Alberta, Olds College (Canada).Departments include: Animal Sciences, Horticulture/Landscaping, Land Use and Environment, Food and Agriculture, and Machinery/Trades.
  • University of Arizona Agricultural and Resource Economics Department (Arizona, US).Dedicated to preparing students for an increasingly diverse and technological world and to improving the quality of life for the people of Arizona and the nation.
  • University of Arkansas Department of Economics and Agribusiness (Arkansas, US).Conducts economic and social research which focuses on the production and distribution of agricultural products, the use of natural resources and the needs of rural people.
  • University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (Florida, US).CALS is specializes in the areas of food, agriculture, natural resources, and life sciences as they relate to human resources, the environment, and communities.
  • University of Georgia-College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (US).Mission is to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture, and to improve environmental sciences and technologies.
  • University of Guelph (Canada).The University of Guelph has earned a place of distinction for itself among Canada's universities with its dynamic balance of student-centred environment, extensive research and community outreach.
  • University of Hawaii-College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (US).A major contributor to the development of Hawaii's economy and communities.
  • University of Helsink-Agriculture and Forestry (Finland).12 departments divided into the areas of Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Forestry, and Household Sciences. The faculty has three experimental farms, a forestry station and a subarctic research station.
  • University of Hong Kong-Zoology Department (China).Research programs offer prospective graduate students an extensive range of choice of research areas from cell and molecular biology to population gentics and conservation biology.
  • University of Idaho, College of Agriculture (US).Provides academic programs in agriculture, family and consumer sciences. Research provided by the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • University of Illinois, College of Agriculture (US).Academic departments include agricultural and consumer economics, agricultural engineering, animal sciences, crop sciences, food science and human nutrition, natural resources and environmental development.
  • University of Manitoba - Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (Canada).Outline of programs in agricultural economics, animal science, biosystems engineering, entomology, food science, plant science, school of agriculture-diploma, and soil science.
  • University of Manitoba-Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (Canada).Areas in the agri-food industry such as crop diversification, environmental protection, agricultural sustainability, and value-added processing.
  • University of Michigan (Michigan, US).serves as an entry point to networked information created or maintained by units of the University. The gateway is a directory of the Web sites and other online resources available at the U-M.
  • University of Missouri, Columbia (US).Has embarked on several international collaborative research and educational programs related to the management of agricultural, resource and environmental systems. Current programs listed at site.
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln-Institute of Agriculture (US).Provides focused program excellence through education, research, and service programs addressing the needs of Nebraska in the areas of food, agriculture, agribusiness, natural resources and human resources.
  • University of Reading, Department of Agriculture (United Kingdom).Department has close professional contact with other departments to enable total research packages from plough to plate.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (US).Research-based education which discovers, analyzes and shares knowledge in food and agriculture, the life sciences, natural resource and environmental stewardship, and rural community development.
  • University of Wisconsin-River Falls, College of Agriculture (US).The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences has about 1300-1500 students majoring in various undergraduate academic programs. 55 faculty and staff members serve the educational needs of these students.
  • Utah State University - College of Agriculture (US).Departments include :Plants, Soils, and Biometeorology Department - Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Department - Nutrition and Food Sciences Department - Economics Department.
  • Virginia Tech (US).Instruction, research and extension in agriculture, the life sciences, natural resources, the environment in Virginia, and the nation.
  • Washington State University, Agriculture and Home Economics (US).The College provides access, and dissemination of knowledge through high quality research, instruction and extension programs that contribute to a safe, abundant food and fiber supply.
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