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  • Agra-Com Market-Trac (Iowa, US).A commodity advisor service working with the markets to give you a sense of what commodities (like cattle, hogs, corn and crude oil) are doing .
  • AgraLink (Canada).Intention is to follow the transactional processs starting with price awareness and including, order placement, trade, delivery insyructions,delivery confirmation, invoicing, and payment. Provides open and transparent price discovery, and post-trade clear
  • Agroweb (US).Networked with a diverse group of resources to inform,supply and find market outlets for items related, or of interest to members of Agricultural communities. Committed to seek, supply, and link resources of interest to food and fiber suppliers world wide
  • Caravan Trade (US).Specializes in coffee in different forms including, Maraqoqype, Altura, Extra Primo, Primo Lavado, Robusta, Natural, and Desmancha, all of Mexican origin, organic and fair trade.
  • Cargill (US).An international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products with some 82,000 employees in 59 countries.
  • Chicago Board of Trade(CBOT) (US).Premier futures and options exchange. Promotes commerce in the city by providing a place where buyers and sellers could meet to exchange agricultural commodities.
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (US).An international marketplace enabling institutions and businesses to manage their financial risk and allocate their assets. Futures and options contracts traded include currencies, interest rates, stock indexes and agricultural commodities.
  • Country Hedging, Inc. (US).Provides risk management and marketing alternatives through the use of futures and options.
  • ED&F Man (UK).An international group which supplies agricultural products such as cocoa, coffee, nuts, and spices and provides financial services such as alternative investment products and brokerage of futures and options.
  • Egrix.com (US).Provides online marketplace service for agricultural commodities product including : rubber, edible oil, grain, coffee, tea, rice,etc through posting and auction, also provide free commodities news and chart quote.
  • Egypt Expo Trade (Egypt).An online export promotion center that links Egyptian exporters to foreign importers through the internet; promotes Egyptian exportation activities for the welfare of the Egyptian economy.
  • Farm UK Net (UK).A U.K. based market place for the sale and purchase of farm commodities and services. It features free classified adverts.
  • Farmers African-Agro-Allied and Natural Resources Company Ltd. (Nigeria).Specializes in agriculture and extraction with international operation and sales.
  • India's Commodity (India).Mission is to provide timely, comprehensive,and accessible commodity information on highly competitive and volatile market conditions, utilizing the latest available technology to deliver information efficiently.
  • International Potash Company - IPC (Russia, Belarus).JSC "International Potash Company" is a foreign trade organization exporting potash fertilizers produced by Russian (JCS "Uralkali" and JSC "Silvinit") and Belarusian producers (PA "Belaruskali").
  • J. Canavati & Co, Inc. (US).Refrigerated transportation services direct through reefer serving North America (USA-Mexico-Canada) year 2000 53' air ride trailers. We offer Mexico cargo insurance.
  • Kansas City Board of Trade (US).KCBT is the predominant marketplace for hard red winter wheat, the major ingredient in the bread. Futures and options contracts are traded on the Value Line Index, natural gas, and the ISDEX Internet stock index.
  • Koerner Agro Export Center (Thailand).Packs and supplies a wide range of fresh, frozen and canned produce to buyers around the globe; offers year round reliable supply with customized, individual packaging.
  • Manjushree (India).Producers and exporters of coffee, tea,cardmom, roses and hybrid seeds. Located in Manjushree, South India.
  • Midwest Market Classifieds (California, US).Site is targeted toward the Midwest; buy, sell, or trade farm equipment, real estate, livestock and more.
  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange (US).MGE is the only authorized exchange for hard red spring wheat, white wheat, durum wheat, Twin Cities Electricity, black tiger shrimp and white shrimp futures and options.
  • Peacock Trading (Illinois, US).A full service futures and commodity broker; services customers worldwide and trades in all domestic and international commodity markets; has no minimum account size.
  • Providio Trading Consultants, Inc. (Illinois, US).Customizable futures trading services, commodity and financial hedging, managed futures opportunities and three electronic platforms.
  • PRX Proexporter (Kansas, US).Specializes in corn, soybeans, and wheat supply-demand, transportation analysis, and cash market modeling. New Approaches to understanding world grain markets and american agribusiness. Provides publications, reports and services.
  • SPtrading.com (Delaware, US).Day trading buy and sell signals for the E-mini, Futures and Cash S&P 500 stock index with a money-back guarantee. Minimal time commitment. Risk-free 1-week trial.
  • Sunrise Foods International Inc. Exporter of agri-food commodities (Canada).Sunrise Foods is a broker/exporter of specialty and certified organic crops. We can supply a variety of products including pulses, beans, oilseeds, grains, and animal feeds.
  • TFC Commodity Charts (US).Free source of daily commodity futures and financial market information. Create own personalized charts menu to gain quick access to the charts.
  • The Farmshed (Sydney, Australia).Online agricultural source for up to the minute news and weather information, market and futures prices.
  • The New England Trading Company, Inc. (US).Offers Project Analysis and Consulting Services, Grain Processing Engineering and Design, International Trade, Risk Management, Marketing Services,̃pendable Sourcing and Transportation Analysis.
  • WCIB Fertilizer and Pesticide World Market (US).Dedicated to the business of the worldwide trade of chemical, organic and mineral products as well as raw materials for agricultural purposes.
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