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  • Aero Tech Satloc Airstar (US).Developers of a successful aerial GPS guidance system for agricultural applications. Also involved with mission planning, GIS, and peripheral systems .
  • Ag Chem Equipment (US).Products include terra-gator floaters, RoGator post-emerge, systems, and tenders .
  • Ag Knowledge (US).Services offered include geo-referenced farm plans, yield mapping, spatial analysis and VRT prescriptions, GIS, on farm research, and training .
  • AgBest (US).Specializing in solutions in ag, safety environmental, global positioning systems, farm computer software and more. Includes GPS soil sampling and intensive crop scouting .
  • AgInfo Software (US).Site consists of GIS, Mobile, Computer Equipment, GPS Equipment, Screen Shots, and GIS Comparisions .
  • Agri-Vision (US).Provides low cost, high resolution infrared digital image; all imagery is georeferenced and rotated to true north; cost is $1/acre for a single shot and $4/acre for an entire growing season's worth of weekly flight imagery.
  • AgriCast (US).Processes imagery for a wide range of land use applications, including crop classification, range land classification, and applications for precision agriculture .
  • Agrimage (Canada).Makes remote sensing accessible and profitable for precision farming and crop identification. Also sells the equipment to organizations who could be interested in becoming service providers .
  • Agris (US).Provides integrated software systems in accounting and operations, business management, mapping, scale automation, and more to help agribusinesses become efficient and profitable .
  • Agrisoft Systems (Germany).A software company specialized in customized database application development for agricultural applications, focusing on oil palm agronomy data and managment and software development development for the cotton industry, based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia .
  • AgriTrak (US).A program which allows the user to geo-reference, stretch and analyze aerial imagery for the purpose of defining managment zones .
  • Airborne Data Systems Inc (US).Designs and manufactures digitam imaging systems for both national and international markets .
  • Ames Remote (US).Site provides precision agriculture remote sensing infomation, plus a directory and remote sensing service and products .
  • AVCAN Systems (Canada).A data acquisition and solutions company that helps utilities, natural resource companies, and government agencies better manage their resources. Has developed an intergrated system that delivers full motion high-resolution digital vido cross-linked with
  • BCL Landview Systems Inc. (US).Provides mapping, record keeping, precision farming and decision support tools for managing crop production info and making site-specific farming decisions. Systems are year 2000 read and developed for land resource and agribusiness applications .
  • Case Advanced Farming Systems (US).Site consists of Software, Instant Yield Map, Instant Application Map, Support, and Upgrade .
  • ChartWrite (Sweden).Develops software that integrate spatial data and management info with focus on applications for agriculture, land managment and real estate services .
  • Communication Systems International (Canada).Products are divided into three families of DGPS receivers and their antenna accessories including combined GPS-DGPS receivers and OEM modules. Currently has the employment opportunities page .
  • Control Technology Inc. (US).Specialists in monitor, control, and DGPS systems. Two major products include Correct Net System and Data Messenger System .
  • Core Software Technology (US).Mission is to be the leading provider of geospatial information management and ecommerce worldwide. Site consists of Software, Systems, and Partners .
  • Corvallis Microtechnology Inc. (US).Includes GPS-GIS Systems, Windows Mapping Software, Hand Held Computers, Land Surverying Systems, and Complete Price List .
  • Crop Quest Agronomic Services, Inc. (US).Employee owned crop consulting company serving the High Plains Region. More than 87 full time agronomists on staff. Offers grid sampling, GPS mapping, VRA recommendations, remote sensing and operates a certified SST Information Lab.
  • Davis Equipment Corp. (US).An Iowa distributor of fertilizer, grain handling and spraying equipment, as well as hardware, software, training, and advisory support to accomplish precision agriculture .
  • Differntial Corrections Inc. (US).Provides DGPS Correction over RDS sub-carrier in the international RTCM SC 104 Standard, provides Inverse DGPS for tracking applicatiions, broadcast real time traffic over RDS subcarrier, and more .
  • Dycam (US).Offers a product line of multi-spectral digital cameras including a handheld, mobile unit and two units for aerial use. All products ship with Dycam DRIV software which is downloadable .
  • Earth Satellite Corp. (US).An international professional services firm which specializes in the development and application of remote sensing and geographic technologies .
  • EarthWatch (US).An imaging and information company whose aim is to supply high quality, direct to desktop digital imagery and geographic data products .
  • EDC Computers Inc. (US).Specializes in controlling equipment through serial port communications based on location GPS and map GIS inputs .
  • Envoy Data Corp. (US).Products include SanDisk ATA FLASH, Compact Flash, Centennial Technologies SRAM, Linear Flash, memory cards for Nortel and Cisco, internal and external PC card drives, and more .
  • ESRI (US).Specializes in GIS and mapping software. Site consists of Software, Data, GIS Store, News, and Events .
  • FMS Harvest (US).Offers Perception Accounting, GPS and Crop Software, Perception Downloads, AgLink, and EASI Crops 2000 Pro .
  • Galaxy Precision Ag Service Ltd (UK).Offers a serice based on providing enhanced Farmsense satellite imagery of individual fields. Also offers mapping software, GPS and Variable fertiliser spreading with little capital investment .
  • Geosystems (France).Products and services are useful in terms of management, decision-making, and sales in prescision farming. Also has into on land parcel systems and databases .
  • Geowarehouse (US).Offers GIS and GPS mapping products, GIS data, SGI Visual Workstations and servers, plus certified training and project design assistance .
  • Giannotti Technical Services (Manitoba, Canada).Authorized Trimble Dealer/Distribitor for quaility Trimble AgGPS Products. Also offers a complete of agriculture services through a network of associates and professional services.
  • Harrow Ag Services (US).Services include directed sampling for lab testing, mapping, acreage determination, and infrared images .
  • Harvest Master (US).Offers products for yield monitoring, field scouting, GPS, and GIS Field Data Collection. Other areas on site include Seed Research, Plant Breeding, and Weed Science .
  • HarvestMaster Inc. (US).Focuses on serving the ag industry with its products and consultation. Includes Technical Support, Downloads, and Contact Info. Links to Campbell Scientific Inc, and Juniper Systems.
  • Horvick Manufacturing (US).Fertilizer and chemical application equipment and parts specialists. Products range from simple spraying nozzels to high-tech GPS receivers .
  • I Cubed (US).Specializes in providing satellite imagery, digital orthophotographic products, image processing services, and application expetise. Has Instant Imagery packages for application specific imagery which is ready to use .
  • Image Links Inc. (US).Offers capabilities for orthorectification, geocoding, geocoding with terrain correction, cross sensor image fusion, image maps, an multi-sensor mosaics .
  • ITRES Research Limited (US).Products include GIS Map Production and Modelling, Data Products. Services include Data Processing and Analysis, Data Acquisition, and Research and Development .
  • John Deere (US).Precision farming products include Green STar Combine Systems, Position Receivers, GreenStar Displays, JDmap Software, Data Processing and Storage, and Support .
  • Key Agriculture Services (US).Precision packages for collection geospatial data such as yield data, soil sample sites, field boundaries, soil type maps, weed and insect areas. These include Precision Fertility Management Package, Yield Monitor Recommendation Precision Package .
  • Larson Systems (US).Specializes in making precision ag technology for farm producers without large investments of analysis time or data integration resources. Site consists of Data Vision Mapping Services, Hardware Products, and Service Bureau .
  • Linet (US).A GIS integrator and land management application products company. Offers info technology services for land based enterprises. Relevant product include Croplands which supports ag business involved in agronomic consulting, crop inputs distributions, grain
  • Linx Systems (US).Products include FieldMark Computers, Softare, and OEM Products .
  • Lor Al (US).Supplier of innovate truck application systems. Provides the custom fertilizer application industry a durable application chassis at a competitive price .
  • Map Info (US).Explore the ways MapInfo technologies are integrated to create customized solutions for agriculture. Highlights on site include consulting services, developer services, and training .
  • MDS Harris (US).Website details all the services offered including soil testing of over 2,600 tons of soil from 38 countries. Includes Accuracy and Accreditation, Turnaround, Reporting, Technical Support, Testing Services, and Agri-Knowledge .
  • Mercator GIS and Environmental Corp (US).Specializes in providing high resolution digital aerial imagery, geographic information systems, and environmental consulting and services .
  • MFA Agri-Services Precision (US).Offers liquid fertilizer, anhydrous amonia and custom application, weed and feed programs. These services combined with agronmic programs such as Global Positioning Systems, field scouting, crop consulting and soil testing .
  • Micro Trak Systems (US).Products range from satellite receivers to heat exchangers, and card readers to yield monitors for precision agriculture .
  • Midwest Technologies (US).Specializes in control systems electronics since 1983. Product line includes DGPS receivers, direct injection systems, electroni rate controllers, field mapping suite software, swath lightbar guidance, and more .
  • NA-CHURs Plant Food Company (US).Manufacturer and marketer of high quality true solution starter and foliar liquid fertilizers since 1946. Product line includes lawn care products, liquid potassium products, and nitrogen products .
  • New Wood Irrigation (South Dakota, US).Micro irrigation systems are used in frequent, slow, precise application of water; ideal for shelterbelts, nurseries, vegetable farms, home gardens, turf, landscapes, and for cooling units in hog facilities.
  • PALTIN International Inc. (Maryland, US).Deals in real-time monitoring and telemetry systems for soil water profile dynamics in irrigation, drainage, hydrology and environmental impact studies in fresh water resources at local, regional and global scales .
  • Pear Technology (UK).Developers of farming software for field recording, farm mapping, GIS, Hardware, training, crop managing, assurance .
  • Prairie Agri Photo Ltd (Canada).U-Count Software and Bottom Line Software to help you manage land resource for precision farming. U-Count Software is Designed for Acreage and Distance Measurements from Aerial and Satellite Imagery.
  • Prairie Geomatics (Canada).Offers GPS sales, including accessories, backpacks, and differential receivers, maps, satellite images and airphotos .
  • Precision Ag (US).Products and services include crop inputs such as herbicides and fertilizers, equipment for application, irrigation, and monitoring saftety, GPS, remote sensing, and system integrators.
  • Precision Farm Parts (US).Specializes in combine replacement parts, especially rotors and concaves .
  • Precision Farming (Australia).Products include differential GPS, mobile computers and software for agricultural applications. Site includes Press Releases, and Farmlap .
  • Precision Farming Australia (Australia).Specializes in Differntial GPS, mobile computers and software for agricultural applications. Website includes Press Releases, Farmlap-DGPS Guidance System, Price List, Tissue, and Farm Scout .
  • precisionag.com (US).Products and services include crop inputs, such as herbicides, fertilizer, seed, dealers and distributor. Also provides equipment, GPS, Remote Sensing, System Integrators, Software, Hardware, and Weather Info .
  • Rawson Control Systems Inc. (US).Manufacturer of precision GPS variable rate drive products, hydraulic controls and speed reducers. Established business since 1965 .
  • Red Hen Systems (US).Specializes in ag software and GIS, GPS products like the VMS 200 Video Mapping System since 1994.
  • Remote Sensing for Precision Ag (California, US).Uses hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing for crop management, mainly cotton, including irrigation scheduling, spatially variable application of plant grwoth regulator (Pix), defoliant, and N-control.
  • Richland Sales Corp. (US).A fertilizer equipment distributor. Sells and services self propelled sprayers, dry fertilizer equipment, blending equipment, loader, tanks, anhydrous ammonia applicators and precision agriculture systems .
  • Rinex Technology (Australia).Developers of the Rinex FARMTRAX system, a rugged vehicle mounted task controller that brings together satellite guidance, data acquisition, mapping and variable rate capabilities in one package .
  • Siga Farm Software (Canada).Products include SIGAFINANCE farm accounting and managment, SIGADAIRy for complete dairy herd management, and SIGAFIELD to draw your own field maps.
  • Soil Search (US).Specializes in precision agriculture and environmental services with laboratories on the West Coast. The West is allso the home of their GPS/GIS data collection and research center .
  • Spot Image (France).Distributes satellite imagery received from optical and radar remote sensing satellites, compativle with all GIS and used in land mapping or vegetation mapping .
  • SST Development Group (US).A software development firm focused on providing ag application of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies for agronomists, consultants, and farm managers .
  • SST Development Group Inc (US).A software development firm focused on ag applications of GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies for agonomists, consultants, farm managers, and input suppliers.
  • Technical Solutions International (US).Products include yield monitors, robotics, software, manuals, and moisture sensors. Provides mapping services for borders, yield, moisture, slope, insect, weed and other problems .
  • The Paulsen Group (US).Environmental Information and Precision Agriculture company. Offers a complete range of hydrogeology and technical services .
  • Tiger Aeroplane Company (Canada).Specializes in aerial photography and mapping digital images, new farm drainage installation, crop surveys, and environmental farm plans .
  • Trimble (US).Specializes in emerging commercial markets for GPS satellite-based navigation, positioning and communication data products. These products are sold for diverse ag applications .
  • Tywalk (US).Specializes in custom application of fluid fertilizer products. Also a resource center for fertilizer and pesticide input selection management, grain storage, drying, merchandising, market advice, and risk management .
  • WAG Corporation (US).DGPS Systems compatible with popular models of soil monitoring sampling equipment to help map soil types and fertility variation. Systems can help regulate seed placement or help match application rates of fertilizers and crop protection chemicals to vari
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