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  • Bonnie Plant Farm (US).Site allows an individual to find a variety of flower and vegetable plants for the avid gardener or farmer; has available locations located all over America .
  • Echinacea Farms of Hawaii (Hawaii, US).Aims in producing fresh organic Echinacea as a premium dietary supplement on a small farm committed to freshness and quality.
  • Ecological Evergreen Live Baby Indoor Plants (UK).Sells ecological and natural indoor plants; freshen yourself and friends pleasantly keeping environment clean with plants from mainland Europe.
  • Indoor Tropical Foliage (Pennsylvania, US).Artificial trees and plants for interior home and business decor. A varitey of silk trees such as ficus trees and willow trees, palm trees and bamboo trees, flowering wisteria and hibiscus trees, decorative topiaries and exotic plants.
  • JVH Nurseries (Ghent, Belgium).Worldwide export of Belgian quality plants. Site in many languages.
  • Rare & Unusual Plants (Florida, USA).Tropical plant nursery
  • SproutNet.com (Tennessee, US).A Commercial sprout producer which grows sprouts, designs and manufactures equipment, designs and sells sprout packaging, sells seed, and publishes the .
  • Tampa Bay Wholesale Growers (Florida, US).A limited agricultural association; promotes harmony and good will and greater interest in the use of plants; aims to achieve common goals and solve common problems.
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