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  • Agro Crop Insurance Agency (California, US). Crop insurance protection, based on actual production history, valuable loan collateral, perils of adverse weather, catastrophic coverage, and but-out coverage.
  • Agway Insurance Group (US). Focusing on the insurance needs of farms and rural communities in eight northeastern US states, Virginia and Kentucky, offers property, auto, and liability coverages to farm and residential customers .
  • American Agrisurance (Iowa, us). provider of crop insurance, offering solutions for risk protection and marketing security including Crop Revenue Coverage, Multiple Peril Crop Insurance, and Market Value Protection (MVP).
  • Canadian Hail Agencies Inc. (Canada).Site provides information pertaining to the coverage types available to assist you in planning against Mother Nature's peril; find a variety of options available to match your needs.
  • George Gall Agency (Nebraska, US).A licensed insurance agency specializing in Crop Insurance with over 35 years of experience; handles CRC, MPCI and Crop Hail Insurance Coverage with RCIS for corn, soybeans, and wheat crops.
  • IGF Insurance Company (Iowa, US). Provider of Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI), Group Risk Plan (GRP), Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC), Revenue Assurance (RA), Income Protection (IP), Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP) .
  • J S Crop Insurance (Indiana, US). Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company and Rural Community Insurance Services, Crop Hail, Group Risk Plan, Crop Revenue Protection, Actual Production History, Group Risk Income Protection .
  • McQueen Agencies Ltd. (Canada).Specializes in hail insurance; provides sound risk management programs to the producer at competitive rates, while providing superior service and support to agents and producers.
  • National Farmers Union Property & Casualty Co. (US). National Farmers Union Property and Casualty Company, Provider of family auto policy, homeowners policy, farm policy, umbrella policy, commercial policy, and corporate accounts.
  • North Central Crop Insurance (Wisconsin, US). Underwriters of crop insurance, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance, Crop Revenue Coverage, Income Protection, Group Risk Plan, Revenue Assurance, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance 90.
  • Ontario's Mutual Insurance Companies (Canada).Site contains product information and direct links to Ontario's 48 mutual insurance companies which offer farm, home, auto, and commercial insurance throughout rural Ontario .
  • Rain and Hail L.L.C. (Iowa, US). Provide risk management programs to rural America, Crop Hail Companion, Hail Revenue Assurance, Income Protection Coverage, Group Risk Plan, Adjusted Gross Revenue, Group Risk Income Protection .
  • Rural Community Insurance Services (US). Offers rural community insurance services, multi peril crop insurance, catastrophic coverage, group risk plan, revenue insurance plans, crop revenure coverage, revenue insurance.
  • Smith-Kandal Insurance (California, US). Specializing in agribusiness, farms, feedlots, grain warehouses, seed companies, agricultural chemical dealers and applicators, packing sheds, cold storage, and irrigation supply companies.
  • Steve Silveus Crop Insurance Agency, Inc. (Indiana, US). group risk plan, group risk income protection, actual production history, catastrophic coverage, crop revenue coverage, income protection, revenue assurance, hail insurance.
  • Stuart Surles Insurance, Inc. (North Carolina, US).A full service agency, providing comprehensive insurance services to protect the continued financial security of your family and business .
  • Williamson Insurance Agency (Ohio, US). Crop-Hail Insurance, Yield-based (APH) Insurance Coverage, Multiple Peril Crop Insurance, Group Risk Plan, Dollar Plan, Revenue Insurance Plans, Group Risk Income Protection.
  • Williamson Insurance Agency (Ohio, US). Crop-Hail Insurance, Yield-based (APH) Insurance Coverage, Multiple Peril Crop Insurance, Group Risk Plan, Dollar Plan, Revenue Insurance Plans, Group Risk Income Protection.
  • Wray Agencies Ltd. (Canada).Specializes in crop hail insurance for Western Canadian farmers and in providing service and support to agents and producers in the area.
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