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  • Alkema Greenhouses (Canada).A wholesale producer of plant material, specializing in geraniums .
  • Am Peony Nursery (US).At this time contains lactiflora and tree peony plants .
  • Ancient Historic and Modern Romantic English Gardens (UK).Guided Tours of Gardens in England, visit famous gardens, discuss design and content in excellent company, stay in friendly bed and breakfast accomodation.
  • Aquarius Flora InternationalC (Holland).Products include Auctions, Arrangements, Client Services such as flowering pricelists and garden plants database .
  • Artificial Flowers & Plants (China).Full database of Artificial Flowers, Plants and Trees Manufacturers porters from Hong Kong and China. Besides, products of variety of materials are also included in the database.
  • Bonnie Plant Farm (US).Site allows an individual to find a variety of flower and vegetable plants for the avid gardener or farmer; has available locations located all over America .
  • Bovees Nursery (US).A speciality nursery and grower of tropical Vireya rhododendron, rare species and hybrid rododendrons and azaleas .
  • Caprice Farm Nursery (US).Includes products Peonies, Daylilies, Siverian Iris, Water Iris, and Hosta .
  • Croftway Nursery (UK).A specialist nursery specializing in irises, geraniums, and other full range of hardy and half hardy perennials .
  • Ensata Gardens (US).Includes an online catalog with book specials, collections discounts, Japanese Iris, Siberian Iris, Species Iris and Bog Plants, and ordering info .
  • Fancy Hibiscus (US).Specializes in tropical hibisicus, grafted hibiscus, hybrid hibiscus, and fancy hibiscus. Site includes online catalog and hibiscus links .
  • Flowerinfo (Netherlands).Flower Info. Companies, Growers of plants.
  • Flowersource.net (US).Distribution and Sales of Fresh Cut Flowers in the United States.
  • Flowerweb (Netherlands).Site offering you everything you need to know about flowers, plants and trees, who grows them, who imports/exports them, how to care for them, where you can buy them and much more
  • Ful & Jasmine Nursery (Syria).One of the first local growers and exporters of a wide and complete range of foliage and flowering young plants, bedding plants and general nursery stock, shrubs flowering and ornamental, perennials and conifers.
  • Gift Plants (US).Live Plants Sent Anywhere in the Continental U.S. From Gift-Plants.Com in Southern California. Flowering Houseplants, Bonsai,Cactus Gardens .
  • Graceful Gardens (US).Specializes in Delphiniums, annuals, and perennials. A selection of English Cottage Garden Plants for the home garden at wholesale prices .
  • Grand View Geranium Gardens,Inc. (US).Over 500 different Zonal, Ivy, Martha Washington and Scented geranium varieties .
  • Hanaya Hawaii Greenhouse Tropical Flowers (US).Specializes in the growing and selling of tropical flowers .
  • Hollandia Greenhouses Ltd (Canada).Grows gerberas and poinsettias for the past twenty years. Offers a line of potted gerberas called Shogun .
  • Hydrangea Plus (US).Specializes in growing over 50 varieties of hydrangea. Offers hygrangeas in two sizes .
  • Hydrangeas Plus (US).Sells rare and unsual hydrangea plants.
  • JVH Nurseries (Ghent, Belgium).Worldwide export of Belgian quality plants. Site in many languages.
  • Klaas Visser International BV (Netherlands).Supplier of top quality basic material of Begonia Elatior, Cyclamen Persicum and Impatiens New-Guinea.
  • Konst Alstroemeria (Netherlands).Product brochure available. Some flowers include Amazone, Andorra, Ivory, Santana, Magic Red and more .
  • Landplanfran.com (Ohio, US).Bare root hostas, daylilies and companion perennials with photos and descriptions, e-cards, horticutural new feeds and gardening library. Small enough to provide personal service; large enough to offer competitive prices and an easy to navigate site.
  • Lavender Farms of the Olympic Penisula (Washington, US).This site contains the web pages for a number of local lavender farms along with a wealth of information about lavender.
  • Leatherleaf Fern (Costa Rica).Your greens connection to leatherleaf grown in Costa Rica, galax from the Appalachian mountains of eastern United States, and Westland Bloemen Export; a importing and exporting company .
  • Maltais Flower Farm (US).Annuals, Perennials, and herbs for sale.
  • Mischels Greenhouses (US).Offers an online catalog. A wholesale and retail mail order growers of annuals, biennials and perennials .
  • Norma's Garden (US).A year round garden which offers a colorful flower tour of organic an authentic hobby garden; site is full of helpful tips, a photo gallery, and much more.
  • Ontraio Flower Growers (Canada).Offers flowers and plants daily to wholesale and retail buyers throughout Canada and the US .
  • Optimara (US).In addtion to growing the most popular African Violets in the world,Optimara produces a full line of plant care products especially made for African Violets, including self-watering devices, fertilizer and potting soil.
  • Phil Yard Iris Farm (US).See list of 20 tall bearded irises. Browse complete inventory of irises .
  • Proven Winners (US).Are hybrid forms of popular flowering plants, created by cross-breeding exotic plants from all over the world with gardeners favorites like petunias or verbenas.
  • Select Plus Lilac Nursery (US).Specializes in lilacs but also grow hostas, magnolias, azaleas, roses, crapemyrtle, rhododendrons and more .
  • Singing Tree Gardens (US).A small specialty rhododendron nursery. Rhododendron listing is arranged into the following sections Fragrant, Hybrids, Species, and Azaleas .
  • Specialty Perennials (US).A small Nursery growing a large range of hardy perennials, which are for sale .
  • Suttons Iris Garden (US).Tall Bearded Iris. Reblooming Iris and Space Age Iris Specialists .
  • Wayside Gardens (US).Dedicated to bringing discerning gardeners the finest and rarest of plants from throughout the world .
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