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  • Agri-Trac (Canada).Concrete and rubber floor surface texturing for the dairy industry. Reduces slipping, Foot and leg problems, helps control strawberry foot. Increases heats, production, herd health, and profits.
  • California Dairy Research Foundation (US).A non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting research and development activities that benefit California's dairy producers and processors in the consumer marketplace.
  • D&F Control Systems, Inc. (California, US).Mission is to supply safe, effective, convenient products that are easily handled by laboratory technicians.
  • Dairy Cattle From Dairy Heifers On-line (Minnesota, US).Dairy cattle for sale-Holstein, Heifers, Jersey cows and calves for the American dairy farming and ranching livestock industry.
  • Dairyshopper.com (US).For use when searching for classifieds, employment ads, or business products and services; site gives you free access to contacts and information within the dairy industry all at one simple and easy to find site location .
  • DairyStock.com (Ireland).Dedicated site for the dairy farmer, advertising & promoting pure bred registered dairy herds, websites for pedigree breeders and a directory of suppliers to the dairy industry plus much more.
  • DOC'S Products, Inc. (Wisconsin, US).A wholesale distributor of N-DEX® milking gloves and also sells products to support profitable procedures for dairy producers.
  • Hoards Dairyman (UK).A national dairy farm magazine. Covers feeding, milk quality, cow care, AI breeding, and dairy business .
  • Milking Management Services (UK).Milking Management services the agriculture industry; site includes information on milking machine maintanance, offers news articles and classifieds for viewing, and sells various products.
  • MooMilk (US).Everything about cows and milk. Offers virtual tour- the story of milk, recipe, the cow store, FAQ, game and contest.
  • National Milk Records (UK).Provides milk recording services to approaching 13,000 dairy farmers in the UK. In addition, provides info and software services to organisations in agribusiness and the food supply chain.
  • Posilac Bovine Somatotropin (bST) (US).Supplemental bST allows dairy farmers to produce more milk with fewer cows, thereby providing dairy farmers with additional economic security as well as providing related environmental benefits.
  • SAE Afikim (Israel).Offers computerized dairy management systems for managing high production dairy cows, milk production, health monitoring and breeding management .
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